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Shannon Lake Elementary
"Reaching New Heights"
Shannon Lake Elementary was opened in September 1993 in the middle of a growing residential subdivision approximately 4 km from the town center of West Kelowna.  The initial school population was 278 and is currently 416.  In 2009/10 we welcomed our first vice-principal.  We now have 19 divisions which include two portables.

Strong Music and Library programming provide enrichment for all students, and are both greatly appreciated in our wider community.  An Aboriginal Student Advocate provides cultural programming, academic support if required and acts as a liaison between home and school.  An itinerant Resource Teacher provides instructional supports for designated students and works closely with both classroom teacher and our CEAs.

The school is fortunate to have a very active and supportive PAC.  Fundraising activities include hot lunches (aligned with the Healthy Food Choices Guidelines), family fun fairs, barbeques, community dances and movie nights.  Funds raised are allocated to the school in consultation with staff to support teaching and learning through additional field trips and the purchase of resources and technology.  Parents and community members are also active in supporting student learning through supportive partnerships between home and school, and as classroom volunteers. An active and committed School Community includes parents, teachers, both administrators and students working together to set learning goals and ensure growth and success for each student.

The journey for Shannon Lake has included students, staff and parents in a process that has followed an inquiry model.

Through an examination of the evidence we determined:
  • Engagement 
  • Wellness
  • A Culture of Experimentation with Teaching and Learning
Are the key focuses of the students, parents and the staff. Our Journey incorporates the Spirals of Inquiry work and the research from the OECD.